Monday, July 7th was our 6th day in the┬áIshinca valley. Today we would be climbing Nevado Ishinca, the peak after which the valley was named. Ishinca is a Quechua name meaning bare, perhaps because of the asperity of life in these high regions. The name might however be derived from Ishkinka (to take care of him who falls) since there is always the danger of slipping and falling in these rugged peaks. We had a chance to survey Ishinca from the flanks of Urus two days prior. At 18,143′, Ishinca is a pretty serious mountain. However, when viewed next to its imposing neighbor Ranralpaca, Ishinca looks like an insignificant pimple. No matter, ascending this little 18,000 ft pimple was not easy and it would prove to be one of the most fun and rewarding days I have ever had in the mountains.

Ischinca 18,143' viewed from Urus

Ischinca 18,143′ viewed from Urus

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