Hi,  My name is Keith, and I am a Colorado Native. Thus the blog name (coloradokeith).   This blog is intended to share my love of the outdoors with you.  It contains a variety of material from trip reports to gear reviews

Here is a little bit more about me.

We were raised without TV so as a kid my entertainment consisted of playing outdoors.  Our family headed to the mountains every chance we got. Some of my fondest memories as a child are the countless days wandering the hills near Rocky Mountain National Park with my brother.

As an adult I struggled with weight and became largely sedentary.  In 2009 I decided to deal with my weight problem and get back in shape.   I now spend every chance I get playing outdoors again, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My favorite outdoor pursuits include

  • hiking and mountaineering
  • cycling
  • mountain biking
  • trail running with my dog
  • rock climbing
Shameless Selffie From the summit

Shameless Selffie From the summit

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Keith,

    I also grew up on CO but have lived in CA for a long time now. The reason for writing this is that I am looking for some suggestions for a backpack trip that my buddies and I could consider for a trip this year. Because we live on the central coast of CA, we have a pretty long drive just to get to a CO trailhead. I am thinking somewhere in the San Juans ? We are seasoned backpackers but have limits that we have experienced over the years. I would like to find a trip that is 3 or 4 nights (4 or 5 days), moderate difficulty.

    Two of us spent many years in the Rockies (return for skiing and camping regularly) but the other 3 guys have never had the pleasure. I would settle for an earlier trail that showed most what CO is all about, unparalleled mountain beauty, forests, rivers, peaks.

    So, can you or your blog friends help ? I know there have to be some favorite trails that we could get to without wasting too much time on the road ? Please let me know what you think. Thanks !

    • Larry,
      Glad you are coming back to CO for a visit. San Juans are a terrific area, one of the best in CO. It is a 6 hour drive from home so I haven’t done a lot in the area. I have done some hiking in the San Juan wilderness. If you like solitude and truly wild places this are is awesome. Wemenuche wilderness has some great areas as well (the Elk Park -Needleton Loop might be a good choice). Chicago basin is crowded, but one of the best areas in the state. You access by train, and then hike back to a single basecamp. You could easily kill 4 days hiking peaks in that area. I think there is a loop hike back there if you hitch hike or car shuttle.
      There is a falcon guide book on hiking in the wemenuchi and san juan wilderness that includes plenty of good overnight trips. Ice lakes basin is a stunning area it is probably a bit short for a 4 night trip. I wouldn’t plan a trip to San Juans until Mid July. They already have quite the snowpack so it is likely to persist late this year.

      This big loop in holy cross wilderness is pretty great http://www.backpacker.com/december_1997_destinations_colorado_holy_cross/destinations/794

      In the maroon bells wilderness (4 pass loop, and conundrum hotsprings are great trips). The gore range is spectacular and not very crowded. Most of the hikes there are shorter.

      If you are looking for up to date conditions or more specfic beta on an area 14ers.com has a fantastic forum with lots of people who know colorado well. backpackinglight.com also has lots of coloradians.

      Best of luck, I would love to read a trip report when you get back.

      • CO Kieth !
        Thanks for the leads ! This is what I was looking for . I will be following up on your ideas (will start with the Falcon book). In any case, you will be hearing from me over the next few months, and I will be glad to share via trip report . Thanks again.

  2. Hello Keith,
    I hope that you got an inquiry from me ? When I tried to post it, I got tangled up in the World Press password maze. Please let me know that you got my email ?

  3. Keith, appreciate what you do but please remove your references/guide for Goat Mountain off of Waterton. Goat Mt. is on private property and not accessible without trespassing. As private land owners we do not appreciate folks coming across our property and leaving trash behind.

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