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Yeoman Park Trailhead—Polar Star Inn via Newcomer Spring
DIFFICULTY: Intermediate
TIME: 5 hours up, 3 hours down
DISTANCE: 6 miles
ELEVATION GAIN: 2,140 feet; loss: 160 feet

Pololar Star

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.40.15 AM

New Comer Route:
From Yeoman Park Trailhead travel on foot back N across the bridge from the campground and turn right onto the East Brush Creek Road on the north side of the valley. Ski the Brush Creek Road upvalley. At just under 1/2 mile, while still in Yeoman Park, you’ll come to the distinct switchback left (NW) onto the Fulford Road. Do not make this turn. Instead, continue straight on the road towards fulford cave another 3/4 mile to 9,280 feet. At this point look carefully to your left for a 10th Mountain marked trail which leaves the road. Turn left onto the trail (put your skins on) and follow it as it climbs a few hundred feet E (paralleling the road below), then switchbacks left (NW).

Stay on the trail as it makes a climbing traverse to 9,520 feet, switchbacks right, and climbs to 9,980 feet. After aThe trail eases off here, gradually climbs N, makes a long contour around a shoulder. After  a sharp bend ot he right the route continues on a traverse high above Fulford, heading first SE then NE where itops a short distance to Nolan Creek at 10,180 feet. The trail then climbs slightly around a knoll and descends to cross White Quail Gulch in Upper Town past a cabin ruin.  From here the trail goes west a short distance, passing through a few aspen and emerging into an open area with a cabin ruin about 100 feet up to the right.   Head up through the clearing to the left of the cabin.

A couple hundred feet above the cabin, get off the road cut and follow the marked 10th mountain trail to the right into a few trees. The trail switchbacks in the open area and then heads up to the left (NW) into the conifers where it becomes easier to follow A steep climb through aspen and some conifers finally tops out at 10,5040 feet where you take a right onto a jeep trail.   Follow the jeep trail N a short distance until you come to a sharp switchback going back up to the right (SE).  Follow this marked trail uphill on a steady climb through the trees.  As it levels off at 10,840 you come to an intersection with a road cut going off ot he right.  Be wairy of tracks going to the right and stay straight/ left through a couple of trees (watch for trail markings).  In another 100 yards the road stays left and the marked 10th Mountain trail goes up to the right (10,870 ft) .  Go right as the trail cut starts curving up E and then NE towards the Polar Star for the last .5 miles.


From the front deck of the Polar Star head SW through the open area on a gradual downhill.  At the first road cut crossing, continue straight on the trail, going downhill for a couple more minutes to an intersection where the raoad cut goes off left (10,8040 feet).  Bear right on the marked 10th Mountain trail.  Continue on a steady downhill for about fifteen minutes to a road intersection where you take a sharp left(S) onto the wide road cut.  Continue on a downhill for about five minutes: as the trail going off to the left throught he aspen. Follow this trail on some good downhill curves through the aspen.  When it levels somewhat you will be traversing across and open area, then back across to the right(W) and start dropping into Upper Town past the remains of an old cabin.

/Newcomer Spring Route/ About 100 feet below the cabin ruin is the trail going off to the left (E) into the aspen. Follow this trail across the small White Quail Gulch to the right of another ruin where an old sign indicates Upper town.  The trail then starts on a gradual uphill, going S o the other side of the of the gulch.  It climbs slightly around a knoll, descends across Nolan Creek, and then curves right on a long traverse NW above the town of fulford.  When the high traverse takes a sharp bend to the left(S), you will have great views to the west of surrounding mountains.  Continue on a southerly traverse, cross a road and start dropping gradually, then much more steeply through the trees. Watch carefully for the marked trail, as isn’t always evident after fresh snow.  After a mile of steep descent, the trail bottoms out at a road cut (9,300 ft)  From here turn right for the last mile NW to the trail head in Yeoman Park.

utes for Peter Estin Hut.

SAFETY NOTES: There is no slide danger on this route. Don’t tangle with any aspens on the downhills and watch your feet at the stream crossings.




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