Hut Trip 2014

This page is to help coordinate the hut trip for 2014.  Please take the time to review the information here.  I spent quite a bit of time putting it together.   Knowing about the trip will ensure you are prepared, and have a good time.



Mon 2/10/2014 – Wed 2/12/2014 (2 nights) Click here to add to calendar 


Hut: $75 Per person
Community Food: ?  (last year it was $25 per person)
Please pay ahead of time or bring cash or check to give me on trip, I don’t want to leave with IOUs


This is not a guided trip your Safety Is Your Responsibility

I will will try my best to make this a FUN and SAFE event and try to prevent accidents; however,  all participants in this trip, agree that everyone is responsible for themselves.  There are inherent dangers in engaging in this activity you are assuming this risk.  You agree that the organizer  and/or other participants of the Hut Trip are not responsible or liable for the safety of any participant. By choosing to attend this event, you acknowledge this.

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I know some people aren’t going to be happy about the early meeting time on Monday.  However, we need an early start.  The drive from golden to the trailhead is ~3 hrs, and the hike in is 4-6 hrs.  We need some breathing room to make sure we can reach the hut before dark even if we hit issues on the way.

Sunday 2/09

Monday 2/10

  • 6:00 AM – Meet at Wolly Mammoth Dinosaur lot in Golden. Click Here for directions. Meet in parking area directly across from gas station.   This is a safe place to leave vehicles.
  • 8:00 AM -Meet up at Comfort Inn
    Comfort Inn Vail Valley
    0285 Market Street Eagle, CO 81631
  • 9:00AM – Arrive at Trailhead (3 Hr Drive from lots)
  • 9:20AM Depart trailhead
  • 4:00 PM Targeted arrival at hut
  • 5:30 PM Sunset (need to arrive at hut before this)

Tuesday 2/11

Wednesday 2/12

  • 10:30 AM depart hut
  • 2PM arrive at cars
  • 5:30 PM back at dino lots

Car Pooling

It makes sense to work out car pooling.  10th Mountain Recommends that you have a 4wd to access the TH. The road is somewhat infrequently plowed.   Probably also a good idea to carry a shovel and kitty litter or sand.  If any one has a tow strap that wouldn’t be a bad idea either.  If you have a 4wd and are willing to drive please let me know.

Here is the list of people attending

  • Colorado Springs
    • Brandon / Rocky (Brandon’s Truck)
    • Josh Juli and Justin (? one of the extera’s)
  • Castle Rock
    • Keith & Angela Erik & Steph (I assume they will be staying with us the night before)
  • Denver
    • Brian / JP / Dayton (Brian’s Truck)

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